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The official security institutions of the invaded Ukraine are the exclusive and only partners.

The end user of all technology and material delivered to Ukraine is guaranteed.

Competent assessment of the strategic impact of where the technologies are delivered on the frontline.

Professional supervision and oversight of the Czech Armed Forces.


The association is under the auspices of:
Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, LTG Karel Řehka
and Chief of the Military Office of the President of the Czech Republic, MG Radek Hasala.
Patronage of the Chief of the Military Office of the President of the Czech Republic.

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Despite Ukraine’s domination with the early deployment of various commercial drones, Russia soon understood their importance and, as part of the mobilisation of its industry for the needs of war, introduced their mass production.

Drones are thus not only produced by industrial enterprises, but also by students of technical schools or prisoners. To this day, Russia has managed to outnumber Ukraine several times over in the number of supplied FPV drones, and this fact has become ever more apparent on the battlefield.

Ukraine needs effective help, and tailor-made and technologically sophisticated Nemesis drones are the best choice. With the delivery, we will also secure the operator training and technical support.


A group of Czech modelers and war veterans, who until now produced and used FPV drones only for the pleasure of flight, introduced a project to produce at least ten thousand FPV Nemesis drones. – If enough funds can be secured, a higher amount of these drones, that Ukraine can use in various roles for its self-defence, can be produced.

Nemesis drones are technologically advanced drones that, thanks to the camera, transmit everything in real time to their operator. Their design is tailored to the specific use by the Ukrainian defence and will continue to adapt to their needs.

The purchase price is a bargain compared to conventional military equipment, given its versatility and high efficiency.



This registered association was established not only for providing financing and production of Nemesis drones, but also for their direct distribution to Ukrainian troops (including their training). With regard to Czechoslovak war history, it bears the symbolic name “Skupina D“ (Group D).

The board, which oversees the activities of the association, includes representatives of the Czech Armed Forces, the organisation Post Bellum (non-profit sector) and the professional community.


The name of the association refers to the Special Group D.

Special Group D was founded in 1941 by the Ministry of National Defence of the Czechoslovak government-in-exile in London. Its intelligence officers selected and trained Czechoslovak paratroopers to parachute into territories occupied by Nazi Germany.

Founding fathers and key people

Ondřej Vetchý


Actor and university teacher, founder and chairman of the association

Milan Mikulecký

Milan Mikulecký

Security analyst, founder of the association

Mikuláš Kroupa

Mikuláš Kroupa

Director of Post Bellum benefit society, Head of the Memory of the Nation Project

Martin Kroupa

Martin Kroupa

Director of Post Bellum Ukraine

nadpraporčík Vladislav Baťka

1sg Vladislav Baťka

Czech Armed Forces

kapitán Martin Vlk

mjr Martin Vlk

Czech Armed Forces

kapitán Otakar Foltýn

col Otakar Foltýn

Czech Armed Forces, Military Office of the President of the Czech Republic

Jan Veverka

Jan Veverka

investor, founder and secretary of the association

generál Karel Řehka

LTG Karel Řehka

Honorary Chairman of the Association